Sunflower Seed Meal

protein: min 34%-36% AS IS
oil: max 1.5%
moisture: max 12%
crude fiber: max 19%
ash: max 9%

Sunflower Seed Cake

protein: min 32%
oil: max 9%
moisture: max 9%
crude fiber: max 20%

Wheat Bran Pellets

protein: min 14%
fiber: max 9%
moisture: max 14.5%
ash: max 7%

Sugar Beet Pulp

moisture: MAX 14.5 %
sacharose: MAX 10%

Sunflower Seeds

moisture: max 6%-8%
foreign matter: max 3%
oil admixture: max 15%
acid number: 3.5 mg KOH


moisture: max 8%
foreign matter: max 3%
glucosinolates: max 35%
oil: min 42%

Yellow Corn

Milling Wheat

Feed Wheat

Feed Barley


Etalon France SAS is the subdivision of Etalon SA – the well-known supplier of protein meals to the world market.

Due to our professionalism and trading experience, we had become the key buyer for the whole number of oil extraction plants in the countries of the Black Sea region. Likewise we are one of the leading exporters of sunflower seed meal in the region. Long years of cooperation have made a reliable partnership between Etalon SA and meal producers.

Using our professional expertise in animal feed supply chain, team of Etalon France SAS is dedicated to deliver quality product for your needs. We work with excellence and care about each costumer individually.


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